Conflict crayon

For some, conflict is easy to move away from. For others, it’s easy to lean into.

Whether it’s present inside or outside of the workplace, think of the conflict in your life as a crayon. Crayons bring us back to our youth, a time when we fearlessly imagined and drew the result.

Early research into the importance of “creative abrasion” for innovation shows that the best teams can recognize when conflict is healthy and harmful, and can take advantage of the former and quickly resolve the latter.

When healthy, conflict can be an entry point for our creativity, a chance for us to reimagine, tap into our childlike curiosity, and draw something new.

The next time you experience conflict, think about where it might fit along the healthy/harmful continuum. If healthy, how would you draw it if you had a crayon?

Now think of all the ways you could draw it, if only you imagined. You might discover a new way to engage it, or that the conflict itself is fertile ground and worth nurturing.

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