Questions like frozen rope

I had a basketball coach growing up who said each chest pass should be like a frozen rope. The metaphor stuck.

Yes, ropes that aren’t a straight line can be frozen, but for years I worked hard as a point guard to make sure my passes didn’t have any slack in them.

The metaphor resonates with me today, but for a different reason. I’m a fan of great questions—both asking and receiving them—and I’m typically a fan of the people who ask them.

Here’s why.

Great questions are like frozen rope passes in that they take more energy than a soft pass. Such energy usually means the asker seriously cares about the receiver and/or their response.

The people I’m most often surrounded by are those who I have the best conversations with—and those who are both open to asking and receiving great questions. Our relationships have been built by consistently going beyond the “How it’s going?” and small talk.

Great questions allow both participants to grow and ultimately to connect at a deeper level.

Think about those around you. Who asks you the best questions? Are the questions you ask others built with muscle and care?

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