Getting to the next level

“Getting to the next level” is mentioned at personal growth and leadership conferences everywhere. It’s an idea many of us can relate to because our minds spend a lot of time envisioning what’s next rather than what’s here.

The phrase is also the classic metaphor of gaming, where the goal is to keep advancing to the next level.

But, in reality, we often fail to think about what we’re going to bring to that next level. We want to get there, for a variety of reasons, but we often miss the critical step of reflecting on what we’ll have when we get there (and what we’ll need).

In games, we usually bring points from the previous level. If we don’t have many points, we’re not likely to get far.

Whether we’re thrust into the next level or hellbent on getting there, it’s essential to lasso the idea down from the clouds and envision ourselves there as clearly as possible.

Only then can we both determine what we’re bringing to it and get a glimpse into what we’ll need so we can be successful when we get there.

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