Growth unmeasured

The positive shift to data-driven decision making has caused an unexpected change in the mindsets of many people who are pursuing their personal growth.

Because their days at work are all about making decisions supported by data, they feel barriers when they ask themselves “How do I want to grow?”

These barriers are a result of the question behind the question:

“How can data back up my decision?”

For many who ask what numbers they can wrap around their growth, the default becomes the pursuit of activities that may lead to an increase in income. For others, it’s about using a number as a goal for how many books to read each quarter, etc.

But lost here is growth unmeasured, which includes personal growth through the pursuit of new experiences and perspectives, or growth in the many facets of emotional intelligence.

Reading a book when you’ve tied your completion of it to a numbered goal can create a different reading experience than when your goal is purely about absorbing the material.

Basing decisions on numbers will always and perhaps increasingly play a critical role in our lives. But because numbers grant us a sense of control, it’s easy to believe their influence should guide everything we do.

Naming nature doesn’t tame nature, nor does growth arise only from that which can be measured.

Growth unmeasured is worth pursuing, and those of us who are data-driven must ask ourselves if we’re willing to give up some control to do it.

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