Listen as you hear

Hearing, the process of receiving sound, is a natural process tied to our ability to survive. It allows us to sense our position in relation to sound, be it the sound of our breath, the footsteps behind us, or the thunder high above.

Listening, paying deep attention to and seeking to understand those sounds, doesn’t come as natural for many of us. We can hear when we don’t want to, but we can’t listen with the whole of our being unless we’re committed.

Have you ever felt like someone wasn’t listening to you? In that moment, there was likely nothing more in the world you wanted.

In an age when we’re all distracted by and feeding algorithmic platforms, the ability to listen as we hear will grow into a sought-after skill and will improve the quality of our lives.

Radical, strategic listeners are better able to provide creative solutions for today’s empowered customers, are more trusted and respected as colleagues, and are better equipped to be lifelong students at a time when continuous learning is the key to remaining relevant.

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