Our mind’s mansion

Study after study tells us how little of our brains we use, that there’s all this untapped potential within us if only we could find the key.

Ajahn Achalo, the Abbot of Anandagiri Forest Monastery in Thailand, refers to this space as the “dusty rooms” in “our mind’s mansion.”

He tells a story of someone knocking down a random wall and stumbling on a secret room filled with famous paintings.

There are supplements and technologies out there that claim they can grant us access to these other rooms, some of which may have merit.

But I think most of us have an intuitive sense of what’s behind most of those doors. For various reasons, we’ve decided not to discover what they offer.

One practical way of exploring a new room is to write down a list of a few unexplored interests. Ask yourself:

What have I always wanted to try?

For each answer, ask yourself these two questions:

What holds me back right now from doing so?

If I tried now, how would I go about it?

You may find a mix of responses, including some that aren’t possible in your life right now. Ask that series of questions until you find one that is possible, and give yourself the gift of trying.

You may unlock a new room in your mind as a result.

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