Traveling without traveling

A mentor once told me “you don’t have to travel to travel.”

She said this after I’d just returned from three years of traveling throughout Asia, which is to say I Ioved the zen poetics of the quote but didn’t entirely agree with it.

Travel opened up new perspectives and ideas for me. It exposed me to fascinating cultures and to the seemingly infinite nuances that make up the collective diversity of our humanity.

How could I have possibly learned that without traveling?

Years later, I see her wisdom. Because I was embarking on this adventure to learn, to grow, and to observe the world around me, my intent to travel primed me to be receptive to everything I experienced.

Her point was that I could prime myself without leaving my town. She believed it was a shift in my mindset, more than a change in my physical location, which allowed me to absorb so much during my time in Asia.

Have you viewed where you live like a tourist might? Try bringing the same sense of curiosity to your hometown as you did to the exciting destination of your most recent trip.

You might see the place, the people, and your position in the beautiful swirl of it all in a whole new light.

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