Walt Disney’s three rooms

According to former Liverpool Business School professor Keith V. Trickey, Walt Disney developed (or got rid of) promising creative ideas through exposing them to the following framework:

Room 1
The place were (sic) dreams were dreamed, ideas were spun out, no restrictions, no limits – just every sort of outrageous creative hunch or idea was freely developed

Room 2
Here the dreams from Room 1 were co-ordinated and the story board created as events and characters fitted into sequence. (The idea of the story board – now ubiquitous – was a Disney invention)

Room 3
The “sweat box” – a small room under the stairs where the whole crew would critically review the project to date with no holds barred. The process was safe because it was the project not a particular individual that was being criticised.

If your team always generates ideas but struggles to bring them to life, try experimenting with something similar to Walt Disney’s approach.

Fresh ideas are vulnerable ideas, and unfortunately most of them are killed off far too early. This approach will allow your team to first nurture ideas before exposing them to critique.

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